What makes a well-rounded employee? Commitment, accountability, and pride of workmanship are some of the qualities that hiring managers look for in their search for capable welders. With an eye on creating talented welders that succeed in the workplace, Industrial Arts Institute has taken steps to develop both skills and values in its students with revised curriculum.

Students learn stick, MIG, TIG, and flux cored welding in all positions in IAI’s 19-week comprehensive industrial welding program. The addition of four fabrication projects combines those welding skills with brazing, measuring, bending, punching, and cutting different metals, giving the students practical fabrication experience.

A lot of collaboration goes on while they’re making the projects, but each student is expected to produce his or her own final product. In the past, students have often worked together on a larger project. This new approach ensures that every student is putting in the same effort, practicing skills and creating a final product that showcases their abilities.

A second addition to this cohort’s curriculum is a set of four classroom sessions exploring the welding vocation. Topics include the history of skilled trades workers, employer expectations, and life goals after graduation. Discussions will help students develop a bias for professionalism and high work standards that will make them attractive employees.

“Our goal is to produce a skilled, knowledgeable worker for the industry,” said Tammi Ward, the school’s operations leader. “In addition to their welding certifications and qualifications, we want to make sure our students graduate with an elevated work ethic and understand the level of professionalism needed to succeed in the workplace.”

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