Students at the Industrial Arts Institute have honed their welding skills over the past six months and have had more than their fair share of trials to overcome in the uncertain times that we live in. At IAI, we take pride in producing workforce ready welders in 19 weeks. A typical comprehensive industrial welding class runs from January through Mid-May, however because of Covid-19 and a six-week shutdown, these students have had to wait until July 29 to complete their course.
After spending nearly two months off, the students came back to class (following CDC guidelines) to a whole new world: face masks, social distancing, and a campus that was locked down once they arrived. This brought a whole new set of complications and challenges while trying to learn their new craft.
But in the face of all this adversity, and with encouragement from their Instructor Cody Tohm, they worked diligently to complete their fabrication/welding projects that are a key part of the core curriculum at IAI. Then students went above and beyond and strived to meet the July 15 deadline for the James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation Competition.

“I cannot begin to express how proud I am of all the students in this cohort. Our students have overcome trials unbeknownst to anyone in the past 100 years and I am are very proud of their hard work, dedication and success in this competition, “remarked Cody Tohm, IAI Instructor, Certified Welding Inspector and Welding Engineer.

The following are the results for the Industrial Arts Institute project submissions and their Division II category placings:

National Gold
Project: “Crispy Charcoal Grill”
Participants: Quin Fitzpatrick, Andrew Lahaie, Gabe McNiel, and Ben Coveyou

Prize: $1000.00, Two Lincoln 110v Welders

National Silver
Project: Welding Cart
Participant: Nathaniel Merritt

Prize: $500.00, Two Auto Darkening Hoods

National Bronze
Project: Off Road Jeep XJ Bumper
Participant: Sean Morton

Prize: $250.00

Sculpture Project: “Tootie the Turtle”
Participants: Dwight Ayers, Jessica Needham
Prize: $1000.00

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