(Onaway, MI)-The Cheboygan County Community Foundation has awarded a grant to Industrial Arts Institute, for $5,000 to equip one of the eight new welding booths at the Institute. The grant serves the missions of both IAI and the Foundation to improve the lives of people living in Cheboygan County and the region by training its students in an employable skill. This grant will help IAI to position our area with highly qualified welders that are ready for industry. The Industrial Arts Institute is nationally recognized for its contribution to the building and welding trades. Ninety percent of Industrial Arts Institute graduates obtain employment within one year.  The eight new welding booths will aid the Industrial Arts Institute in increasing its welding students by thirty- three percent.

The Cheboygan County Community Foundation presented its $5,000 check to the Industrial Arts Institute on Tuesday October 16. A permanent sign recognizing the Foundation’s grant  was placed  on the welding booth that will be equipped with the grant proceeds. “The Industrial Arts Institute is committed to providing opportunities for men and women who desire to enter the skilled trades as a welding professional.  Jobs and careers are waiting for individuals willing to dedicate the time and energy into learning a trade,” said Mark Dombroski, Executive Director of IAI.  Joanne Welihan, President of the Cheboygan County Community Foundation added, “Employment is the linch pin of economic development which is the reason the Foundation exists. “


Cheboygan Community Foundation Cheboygan County Community Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit. The foundation raises and invests tax sheltered funds to support economic and educational projects. Funds donated to the Cheboygan County Community Foundation are used to support projects which create jobs, improve local educational opportunities, increase tourism visits, expand retail and commercial offerings, and enhance the overall economic health of Cheboygan County. The foundation provides grants, scholarships, and other means of financial support for individuals, companies, organizations, and projects which support our mission and purpose.

Industrial Arts Institute Industrial Arts Institute offers a premier comprehensive welding education program. The Industrial Arts Institute is also a 501c3 non-profit, and it is nationally recognized for its contribution to building the professional welding trades’ workforce. Industrial Arts Institute Industrial Arts develops individuals with time honored training, to connect talent with industry.

Media Contacts:
James Conboy, Cheboygan County Communities Foundation; Director/Grant Management

Mark Dombroski, Industrial Arts; Executive Director

Cary Thompson, Industrial Arts Institute; Development Director

UP NORTH LIVE: https://upnorthlive.com/news/local/welding-program-expands-with-5000-grant


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