The Industrial Arts Institute (IAI), in cooperation with Michigan Works! Northeast and Northwest Consortiums and Moran Iron Works (MIW), will host high school Talent Tours on Wednesday, January 28th and Wednesday, February 4th. Students scheduled to participate are from the area schools of Hillman, Atlanta, Aces Academy, Alanson, Onaway, Cheboygan, Pellston, and Presque Isle Academy.

“Students are allowed to sign up for Talent Tours of interest to them and are exposed to a realistic look at day-to-day operations, asking questions and getting answers from the people who do the job every day. They also get information about education requirements, earning potential and hiring outlook. Talent Tours are quickly becoming a popular way to expose students to career choices and opportunities available in their own communities,” says Holli Bischoff, Communications Coordinator and Network Technician for Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium.

The Talent Tours at IAI introduce students and teachers to available career paths in welding, fabricating and manufacturing. IAI and Michigan Works! representatives will expose students to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) related applications at the IAI facility. Students will experience the hands on application of a Lincoln Welding Simulator and small appliance assembly. They will also interact with machining and fabrication demonstrations, forklift instructions, and other manufacturing processes. After lunch students will tour the MIW facility and interact with seasoned employees and personally watch the operations and processes of large modular steel construction.

“Our intention is to provide students with alternative post-secondary education opportunities and highlight the rewards of a career in manufacturing,” states Georgia Abbott, Executive Director of the Industrial Arts Institute.

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