ONAWAY- The Industrial Arts Institute (IAI) and Baker College have signed an articulation agreement that makes it possible for IAI Comprehensive Welding Program graduates to apply credits toward completion of an associate’s degree from the college.

Completion of IAI ‘s intensive 15-week welding program will fulfill 44 of the 98 credit hours required for Baker’s Associate of Applied Science in Welding. Students who apply to the Baker program will be able to complete the degree in a year.

“What IAI has accomplished in two short years to address the urgent need for welders nationwide is amazing. We reviewed their curriculum, their state-of-the-art facilities in Onaway, and their track record placing graduates and were very impressed with everything.”

-Kelly Smith, Baker College of Cadillac President

In the two years since opening, IAI has graduated more than 80 students through the program. Welding is  one of several comprehensive IAI trade programs that prepare students for successful and rewarding careers in the industry.

Most employers will agree that it takes more than talent to excel in the workplace. IAI programs provide students with the support, knowledge and hands on application to become qualified and employable in the various trade disciplines. But until now there has been no pathway to a college degree with an accredited program like Baker College’s. We hope that some of our graduates will consider earning this valued higher education credential to further their careers.
-Georgia Abbott, IAI Education and Business Development Director.

The articulation agreement makes it possible for  IAI graduates to take general education courses through Baker College on-line or at the Cadillac Campus, where housing is available. To complete the degree in a year, they will need to be on campus for only one 10-week quarter- Spring 2017, which begins in April 2017 – to complete several welding practicums.

“The program includes all the general education requirements of any associate’s program – English Comp, Human Relations, Speech, Algebra and a few others.” Smith said. “Students will also have an opportunity to complete an internship, which can be completed at their current place of employment.”

In addition to Welding, IAI offers Construction Technology, Machining and Ornamental Welding programs. The institute has risen to national acclaim in a short time for its mission  to “develop individual assets with time-honoring training to connect talent with Industry.

For  more information about the Welding associate’s degree, contact Cheri Sprik in the admissions office at 231-876-3119 or cheri.sprik@baker.edu or visit www.baker.edu.


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