Life as a student at IAI

When you attend the Industrial Arts Institute, you will train with welding instructors with real-world, industry experience.  They will provide expert support with the goal of producing workforce-ready employees with welding certifications and qualifications.

You will experience stunning landscapes. Abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities, including Michigan’s premiere ski slopes, motorsports, hunting, fishing, golf courses, and beaches. Welcoming communities. Rigorous welding training. And a safe, affordable campus. When you check out IAI in Northeast Michigan, we know you will be amazed.

Student Testimonials

“I really enjoyed my time here at IAI. I learned a lot of great welding skills to help me be the best I can be in this trade. I’m very happy with my decision to come to IAI. I have received several offers of employment since graduation and am eager to begin my career.”


“My time at IAI was a great experience to excell my skills as a welder. IAI gives the student hands on learning with the trade and you really learn a lot during the 15 week program. My favorite part is that if you have an issue one of the instructors is right there in the booth either giving you a demonstration, or talking you through it step by step giving you advice on how to improve. Because of the help from the Instructors and Administration, I left IAI with a job interview and other options if I changed my mind. I now have a great job and am learning something new everyday.”

What Our Teachers & Students Have to Say

Letter to our Students

We commend you in your choice of excellence as you begin your career with the Industrial Arts Institute (IAI). IAI is dedicated to welding and metal fabrication training and education excellence.  The Institute is an American Welding Society Accredited Testing Facility and licensed by the State of Michigan as a Proprietary Skilled Trades School.  Founded in 2013, the Institute is a single focus school of welding. IAI offers welding instructors from diverse industry backgrounds, providing hands on industry expertise and support to produce workforce-ready employees with welding certifications and qualifications.  We offer a low student/instructor ratio and industry-leading curriculum featuring 80%+ hands-on experience

We strive to provide our students with a premier educational experience which will lead to rewarding welding and metal fabrication careers!  

It is with both privilege and excitement we embark on this wonderful journey of training together.

The faculty, Board of Directors, and founder of the Industrial Arts Institute understand that to be a talented and skilled employee, students require an excellent education which truly prepares them for the workforce. As our mission statement indicates we develop individual talent with time-honored training practices and connect talent with industry. With this mission statement in mind, coupled with your dedication, you will truly be a strong candidate as you enter the workforce.       

Working cooperatively with a common vision of inspiring a noble workforce, we will ensure you have the resources to further your education, prepare you for the workforce and leave the Institute with skills, knowledge, and networks within the industry.


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