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Cohort 14

August 2019 - December 2019

Number of Graduates: 12

Students completed a 19 week Comprehensive Industrial – Structural Plate and Pipe Welding Course with intense hands on training provided by IAI’s Certified Welding Inspectors Keith Raymond and Cody Tohm in multiple disciplines of welding and fabricating. All students graduated as certified welders with several industry credentials to begin their welding careers.

Student Testimonial: Cole Miller | Alanson, MI

 “I would recommend the Industrial Arts Institute to anyone who is interested in gaining skills that lead to a hands on career. I believe that their boot-camp style CIW course is extremely effective at giving people a head start into the welding industry. I have learned far more than anticipated and the instructors and faculty are excellent.”

Student Testimonial: Cody Kirschner | Alpena, MI

I chose to go to Industrial Arts Institute for many reasons. To start off, the course is 19 weeks long with an excellent outlook for employment with the skill sets and welding credentials I have achieved.  While it is only 19 weeks, we are in training every day 40 hours a week and the information & skills I received are substantial and have shown me the type of welding that best suits me. I am especially grateful for the opportunity the Institute provides at the end of the course when they host a Talent Expo.  This is where the students can meet with employers, local and across the state, to show off our welds and skill sets for potential job opportunities.  Another plus is that IAI keeps the training affordable and can help students with a very low interest student lending program that you do not begin paying on until 45 days after graduation. 

The Instructors and staff at IAI work with students to make sure that we are getting the help needed and ensure that students achieve the most out of the course as they can. Having two instructors for a small class is a big help and you always get answers and demonstrations when you ask for them. The IAI team are easy to get along with and you will quickly become friends with them while completing your welding and fabrication training. 

Considering these reasons and many other reasons, I made a great decision and smart investment by choosing to attend the Welding program at the Industrial Arts Institute. I decided that I wanted to be a welder because of all the practical uses it has to help you in your everyday life. Exhaust fell off the truck? Weld it back on! Fishing spear broke? Weld it! Welding can take me anywhere from fabricating benches to building boats. It can take me to many different industries including the auto ,construction and ship building industries. Knowing all this, I knew that welding was for me and knew that IAI would get me prepared and help to start my welding career. 

Student Testimonial: Kody Whitman | Cheboygan, MI

l chose IAI because it is a very fast paced program and I could learn a great deal of knowledge in a short period of time. Now that I have completed the program, IAI has proven to be everything I thought it would. It is a short course that allows for a lot of hood time, with hands on fabrication and advanced training in blue print reading. The cost of the program is reasonable and a great investment in my career. For those who need help with funding, IAI has scholarships, grants and a student lending program called Noble Path with a low interest rate available. I am very happy that I am attending this trade school. I feel like IAI will open an endless amount of opportunities in the near future for me. I can’t wait to start my career in the Industry!

Female welder standing in front of welding robot
Instructor and three welders in front of the robot
Class of welders and instructors posing in lab