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Cohort 10

August 2017 - December 2017

Number of Graduates: 15

Final Integrated Project: Snow Buckets

Students completed a 15 week course of study with intense hands on training. The class participated in an integration project to test their skills and competencies in welding and fabricating. Integration projects have been a part of Industrial Arts Institute (IAI) since its beginning in August of 2014. Many of the projects were for local communities, service groups, and industry partners. Cohort 10’s integration project became one that would provide support directly to Industrial Arts Institute and the future students who attend.

“Cohort 10 fabricated two snow buckets to be sold and the proceeds would come back to IAI for equipment needs and scholarship money for future students. “Inspiring a Noble Workforce”, is truly being represented by Industrial Arts Institute Graduates, past and present. Our students, through projects like this, leave a legacy of “Paying it Forward.”
Mark Dombroski, IAI Executive Director


“My experience at IAI was nothing short of amazing! And I’ll always be thankful to everyone at IAI for helping me succeed.I enjoyed every moment at the school and all the hard work, from weld test to written test, to having the opportunity to do my practicum at Moran Iron Works. Every day we learned something new, and we were always kept busy and striving for perfection. The instructors did a wonderful job of helping me feel comfortable with all the welding processes we learned and how to use all the tools and machines in the shop. They also helped me in becoming more confident in my own abilities. It was definitely the best place I could have gone to get my life and career on the right track.”

STUDENT TESTIMONIAL: Dylan Koenigsknecht

“I really enjoyed my time here at IAI. I learned a lot of great welding skills to help me be the best I can be in this trade. I’m very happy with my decision to come to IAI. I have received several offers of employment since graduation and am eager to begin my career.”


“My time at IAI was a great experience to excell my skills as a welder. IAI gives the student hands on learning with the trade and you really learn a lot during the 15 week program. My favorite part is that if you have an issue one of the instructors is right there in the booth either giving you a demonstration, or talking you through it step by step giving you advice on how to improve. Because of the help from the Instructors and Administration, I left IAI with a job interview and other options if I changed my mind. I now have a great job and am learning something new everyday.”