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Learning is a lifelong process. We provide continued education opportunities for members of your company or organization. Consider one of our preexisting classes or request a custom curriculum to suit your needs.

“Our employees who have participated in training classes through the Industrial Arts Institute have consistently provided extremely positive feedback regarding not only the program, but the instructors as well. The training has provided valuable skills to our employees which helps them become an even bigger asset to our business. We are very grateful to have the IAI as a local, viable resource for our employees.”

John Abbitt, Site Operations Manager, Carmeuse Lime & Stone

Welder Training & Qualifying


Working directly with the manufacturing client, IAI will assess the welding needs and requirements to develop a customized welder training and welder qualifying module that incorporates the specific processes and qualifications required by the company.

Customized welder trainings sessions are 40 hours (i.e.-4 days Mon. - Thursday. 7am-5pm)

Training cost: (*based on minimum of 5 trainees and maximum of 8 trainees per session)
*$1300 per trainee/ per 40 hours of training/qualifying
*4 trainees: $1625 per trainee/ per 40 hours of training/qualifying
*3 trainees: $2167 per trainee/ per 40 hours of training/qualifying
*2 trainees: $3250 per trainee/ per 40 hours of training/qualifying
*1 trainee: $ 6500 per trainee/ per 40 hours of training/qualifying

Corporate welder trainings & qualifying typically occur in June and July of each year.

Basics of Theory and Operations of Manual Machining Equipment and Procedures


This 60 hour course covers Workbench & Layout, Measurement, Materials & Safety, Drill Press I, Milling I, and Lathe Operations I. The course provides instruction on the theory and operation of drill presses, manual lathes, milling machines, and other machining tools. Students will receive training on drill bit sharpening, explanation of proper tap drill sizing, different thread pitches and tapping head experience. The lathe curriculum will cover facing, turning, boring and single point threading. Milling machine training will focus on squaring a vise, tramming heads, the use of edge finders, digital read-outs and proper block squaring. Hands-on projects, 3rd party inspection through our MET-TEC & on-line tests are the basis for instruction. Students can achieve up to 3- National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) Level I Machinist credentials including Drill Press Skills I, Manual Milling Skills I and Lathe Operations I.

(*minimum of 2 trainees and maximum of 4 trainees per session)
Tuition: $3000 includes text book, NIMS registration and 3 online tests

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