August 2016 - December 2016

  • Cohort: 7

  • Duration: August 2016 - December 2016

  • Number of Graduates: 17

  • Final Integrated Project: Ski Racks

Students completed a 15 week course of study with intense hands on training. In strong partnership with Boyne Mountain, the students of Cohort 7 had an opportunity to help design and create ski racks. This project allowed the students to utilize their training in Gas Metal Arc Welding Short Circuit (GMAW). In addition, the project provided the students with an opportunity to further develop their fabrication and pipe bending skill sets.




“I was part of a 17 student Cohort and was able to first hand witness every student succeed. Graduating in 2012 from high school I was slowly beginning to worry what path I was going to end up going. In just a few months after graduating from IAI, I haven’t only found work in the field, but have been able to be picky and choose nearly any location of work. One of the most exciting things about welding is the more time you put in the field, the greater the opportunities become. So glad I committed to IAI!”  – Zach Nerva, Cohort 7 Alumni