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The Industrial Arts Institute (IAI) offers premier comprehensive trade programs that prepare students for successful and rewarding careers in the industry. Most employers will agree that it takes more than talent to excel in the workplace. IAI programs provide students with the support, knowledge and hands on application to become qualified and employable in the various trade disciplines.



Northern Michigan's Premier Trade School

Why make it IAI?

Developing individual assets with time honored training to connect talent with industry.

The Industrial Arts Institute is nationally recognized for its contribution to building the professional trades workforce by setting a new education model standard to empower next generations for wealth creation industries.

Welcome to the Industrial Arts Institute!

The Industrial Arts Institute (IAI) specializes in preparing graduates for rewarding professional trades careers. Our vision is to be a nationally recognized contributor to building a new professional trades workforce –setting a NEW EDUCATION MODEL STANDARD to empower next generation workers in wealth creation industries. IAI takes a hands-on, project based approach to all of its education programs, providing expert faculty support with deep industry experience.  Our fast track, intensive courses not only build useful skill sets for our students but also produce workforce ready employees.

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